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Fuck yeah! There’s what I want to eat for dinner tonight!

Mmmm, this makes me think of what was going through my mind when I awoke this morning. We were on a picnic in the woods. Sitting at a picnic table eating our hot dogs and potato salad. When we were finishing up you started teasing me after you stood up on the table and squatted down in front of me. Then you started sucking on one of the hot dogs like it was a big hard cock as you slipped a finger up your little sundress and pulled your panties aside to show me your big beautiful pink labia all spread open and glistening from your juices. Then you spread your legs wider and leaned back putting your hands on the table, making sure I could clearly see both holes as I held your panties to the side. You told me to go ahead and put my fingers in there and feel how wet you are. I started to rub my finger over your puss and asshole till you were all wet up and down both holes. I pulled your panties back over you and started rubbing them into your gooey holes till they were soaked through with your sweet cream, I stood back to take in the sight of you like that as I unzipped my pants. When we were finished I stood back once again to take in the view of you squatted over a plate of unfinished potato salad and a half eaten hot dog. Your dress hiked up holding your panties aside as my load dribbled out onto the plate. Lol, yes! He always wore a blue bow tie and helped me search out sweet honey pots to shove our noses into. He had a knack for finding us some real goodies! Mmmmmmmmm i would have gotten down there and eaten out your sweet sexy pussy. That is so good to look at. I bet it’s fantastic to eat and fuck. I looooove your beautiful pussy! I know it must be delicious!