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I can help you with the ice 🧊 Mia but things are only gonna get hotter 😈πŸ”₯

Why did you have to post this :D .Just to tease my freaking dirty mind.Oh gosh. Now I have fantasize how to to kiss and lick those slutty tits, spank them and make them red and blush.Make that pussy wet.And if you deserve it, maybe slide it all deep between your tits and fuck you like a naughty girl that you are,. Shame on you :D .But I would have to fill both with my warm sticky cum .Make it a huge titty cream pie .Fuck you deep throat, till you cry and beg me to do it all over again :P.Huhh such a wild fantasy.Should we do it again? Let me help, ice cub circling it around your neck, nipples , between your breast , along your inner thighs, up and across your buttocks, then to hit your wet pussy lips pushing it into your pussy then sucking it out to working my way back up to your mouth and French kiss you. Mmmmm yeah.I take it from your mouth with mine then move down and run it over that gorgeous hard nipple, suck it between my lips as I slide my hand between your thighs. Mmmmmm if I can circle it around your nipples. Lick them once they’re hard. They wouldn’t stay ice long tho with your hotness. Mia, that ice cube might be cooling you down, but what it does to your delicious nipple is really heating me up.