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Mmm yeah. You know I'd leave you satisfied and full of cum. The real question is what hole am I mounting?

Oh yes, absolutely. I'd want to ease those panties aside so I could spank your moist lips with the swollen head of my cock before easing it inside you nice and deep. Gripping your hips to guide you back against me as we grind hard together. Grab your hips an fuck your sexy ass hard an deep,with each thrust give your cheek a slap to get you to get you to push deeper into me. I'd love to pull them to one side pushing my cock deep in your pussy til your cum lubricates it enough to slide in your ass. Mmmmm just tell me when I can enjoy all of that beautiful ass. Wanna join me on a 3 day Golf get away resort. Is it bad that I want to spread those cheeks, tongue that backdoor and ram my throbbing hard cock inside it?