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Love'm. Especially with their long logs wrapped around my head and waist.

Mmm I do for sure! Love those long beautiful legs that I can kiss my way along, slowly run my hand up them, feel them wrap around my hard body, put them over my shoulders when I'm on top and make your toes curl. Oh fuck! We love tall girls.Long sexy legs gets hubby hard.I love touching them and kissing my way up to your sweet warm pussy and swollen clit.This sexy picture is very erotic. Sign me up! It's great not to get a stiff neck when you're kissing while standing or dancing. I'd love to have those long legs wrapped around me! Such a sexie shot, drop me a line sometime should you be interested in a rather unusual and extremely kinkie type of tribute. Oh yeah! Judging from the reaction in my pants right now I'd have to say yes I do!