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Mmmmmm, would love to be catching the drops of water as they dripped down your legs.

Yeah you playing with that ice I'd hate to get you mad at me because if I get my hands around your hips I am melting everything it will be like a sauna before I get done and when I get done I'll flip you over put my face between your legs and I lick all your juices so you don't have to worry about dripping all over the place. And I eat your candy like ice cream looking at that ass I just want to stick my tongue in it now. I would love to lick you from behind, so your juices run down your inner thighs, then i would rub the head of my throbbing cock along your pussy lips, then slowly slide myself inside you as i hold your hips, i fuck you hard and fast facing a mirror, harder faster as our orgasms build, then i slide out of you so i can watch my cum shoot all over your sweet holes. I'd love for you to hold that ice right there as I slip in and out with my thick throbbing cock. The cool drops running down my excited muscle would feel amazing. Mmm wish I were deep in those sexy ass cheeks ,licking your tight little asshole and then on down to your yummy pussy to make you cum over n over again and again. Would love to feel your thick thighs around my ears as my tongue worked to satisfy you sweet, tasty ass.