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I'm going to tie your hands to your feet. And then tie both to the head board. Tight. So your hands are stuck. And your legs are up by your head then I'm going to take turns fucking your pussy and ass. Over and over until you beg me to stop.

I want to let my tongue explore your pussy! Playing with it. Teasing you! Feeling you getting more and more wet. Making sure my tongue gets all of your sweet juices in to my mouth, swallowing it all. Continuing to tease you until you beg me to fuck you. Letting my tongue play with you a bit more feeling your thighs squeezing me until you grab my hair and pull my tongue away from your warm, wet pussy! Looking straight in to your eyes as I slide inside you! Fucking you hard, soft, slow and fast, our skin rubbing against each others. Over and over again until you feel me filling you up with my warm cum as you dig your nails in to my skin and curve your back while you come! You have it half right as I enter the room I open my dresser draw and pull my rope from it as I move towards you I tell you to get on your hands and knees on the bed as my fingers move to explore your wet pussy I bend down to kiss the back of your neck. MMM your so sexy and your going to be my favorite pay toy today then I am going to send for all my friends to fill all your holes full of cum .Now are your ready. I grab you byt he hair pull your head back slap your firm ass and cover your eyes. I have two friends i triple team with sometimes.So yeah, theyd be getting a call.We'd walk in, pull our pants off, and let you soak in the sight of our three big throbbing cocks. We'd put you on your knees and let you start to suck and stroke your way to a very very wet pussy.And then.;) I will kiss you deeply and passionately as I restrain you to the bed and blindfold you. Then I WILL VERY SLOWLY AND SENSUALLY EXPLORE EVERY SINGLE INCH OF YOUR EXQUISITE BODY WITH MY HANDS, LIPS, TONGUE, BIG SOFT FEATHER AND MAYBE SOME ICE CUBES FOR THOSE AMAZING NIPPLES AND CLIT. MMMMMMMM. First of all I'd tie you up and slowly lick every inch of your body. I'd play with my tongue on your tasty pussy and nibble on those nipples. Then I'd uncover my massive erection and would fuck your mouth while you're still tied up. Then I'd spread your legs and fuck you till the break of dawn.