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Damn that looks good, oh and the toy, sorry got carried away there by that gorgeous bum.

Guys, thanks so much for stopping by and for any votes and comments. I love getting into the top rated sections, so you guys make my day. For all our new viewers, check out the old stuff. Well worth the click and vote if I do say so myself. @rastaboy: I am so glad. MUAH! @jamorgan: You are so silly. Hehe @freakboy: I am glad to hear it. I hope you guys keep coming by. @aCOuple: haha @sexluv: I am glad you think so. Thanks for saying im cute. @guido: Thanks! @rideharder: HAHA, yeah I guess it is. LOL @troy2424: Thank you for saying so. @ocouple: You are so sweet to offer the help. ;) @danda4fun: No thank you for the love. @rodman: That hole already has a dance partner and he is insatiable. ;) @live4daily: Thank you guys for the offer, everyone here on zoig are so helpful. HAHA @tncpl4fun: Thanks. It is a c shaped device that as you open it it make internal contact and begins to vibrate. Then you insert the gspot stimulator in your va-ja-ja and position the clit vibe on your little clit. After that, its all good. Hehe @johnsonstrkr: You are always so kind. I do love my toys. I am getting two new ones soon. I have found that as the Mr. Says, you need the proper tool for every job. And depending on how he wants to fuck me, it changes which toy works best on my other bits. I would never try to drive with it in I would kill someone. We don't need a M.A.S.D (mothers against snugglepuss driving) campaign. LOL @nikatnit: You are very sweet and cool! @riggy: You are so cool to say that. I don't know about perfect, but I will take the compliment. ;) @sixtyninr: Well thanks. It feels quite good as well. @ruben: Thank you! @Milkman: What a sweet comment! @troy: You rock, very expressive. @fuksuklick: Im so glad you like it so much. :) @sugarone: He says he knows! Thanks for saying such nice things about my pooper. LOL @sugarone: You are so nice to say that. Muah! @one4sex: Thanks so much. @lordofchaos: You are so witty. It is quite snuggly. Fantastic idea, fine toy, but wonderful girl, amazing ass. I love assfucking and we would love to see you ass fucked or. To can fuck it! Lovely. (if you like 2 cock in the same time.) I love my toys too, but i have found another girls tongue on my clit while i'm fucked by a cock works even better. I could show you sometime ;) J. Mmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmm what an awesome tight lil ass you have hun we sure would love to plesure it and your man anytime;) :o have to try it ! Looks fantastic ! But you need one more for your pretty little ass :D.